Mining propspects Lithium (Li), Potassium (K), Boron (B) y Rare Earth (REE)
Lets keep moving foward towards sustainability
Lithium allows us to be present in the future
We have 8 mining prospects with an area of 60,000 hectares
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The global contingency product of Covid -19, has precipitated changes in an accelerated way in our culture and way of facing the future. The planet astonished everyone with its ability to regenerate, which we were able to observe in clean skies and seas. The consequent need to use unconventional forms of energy that imply better care of the environment does not resist analysis. RJR Lithium is at the forefront of these needs.


  1. CHUCUYO <view>
  2. SURIRE <view>
  3. TAMBO <view>
  4. CANCOSA <view>
  5. HUASCO LIPEZ <view>
  6. ASCOTAN <view>
  8. MARICUNGA <view>

“Lithium industrial potential could be compared to steel industry beginnings with Carnegie and Carnegie Steel later known as US Steel, Rockefeller and Standard Oil and nowadays, Elon Musk’s Tesla, Steve Jobs’ Apple, Jack Ma’s Alibaba. They all knew and saw the future before in these new technologies.

Looking into stories from the past, it is vital to understand today’s innovative markets and therefore being able to take an important position, safe and innovative in the future.

Lithium and its industry give us a huge opportunity to be present in the future.”